Exploring the art of prose


exploring the art of prose

Image shows a white door on a green garage slashed with sunlight; title card for the 2022 CNFA editors' choice selection, "Tatuajes," by Rubén Degollado. Flash CNF

Tatuajes by Rubén Degollado

Image shows three book covers for a new interview called "Conversations Between Friends: Tara Lynn Masih, Stacy D. Flood, and Kim Chinquee." Interviews

Conversations Between Friends: Tara Lynn Masih, Stacy D. Flood, and Kim Chinquee

Image shows vintage photographs and cardstock overlapping on a table, a twig of pine in the foreground; title card for the new craft essay, "On Crafting the Memoir in Pieces," by Beth Kephart. Craft

On Crafting the Memoir in Pieces

Image shows a rhinoceros standing in a field of brown grass, with woods in the background; title card for new microfiction by Shih-Li Kow. Flash Fiction

Sibling Parenting & Father’s Day by Shih-Li Kow

Image shows a red film reel coming unspooled on a white background; title card for the new creative nonfiction essay, "My Anesthesiologist," by Cynthia Adam Prochaska. Longform CNF

My Anesthesiologist by Cynthia Adam Prochaska

Image shows a pair of round-rimmed glasses sitting upon a piece of brown cardstock; title card for the new short story, "The Ten Deaths of Mrs. Haverhill’s Second-Grade Class," by Sam Berman. Fiction

The Ten Deaths of Mrs. Haverhill’s Second-Grade Class by Sam Berman

Image shows a modern office space, mostly white, with a tile floor and exposed ceiling; title card for the new flash essay, "We Had Something Beautiful," by Kathryn Silver-Hajo. Flash CNF

We Had Something Beautiful by Kathryn Silver-Hajo

Image shows the book cover for MEN I TRUST; title card for Erin Vachon's new hybrid interview with Tommi Parrish. Interviews

Hybrid Interview: Tommi Parrish

Image shoes a close view of nine bees entering a hole in a white beekeeping box; title card for 2022 Amelia Gray 2K Contest winner "Birds x Bees" by Katharine Duckett. AG2KC

Birds x Bees by Katharine Duckett

Image is an aerial/overhead shot of trucks parked in a lot in the snow at nighttime; title card for 2022 Amelia Gray 2K Contest winner "Penny, Barbara, Ruth, Irene" by Amy Grote. AG2KC

Penny, Barbara, Ruth, Irene by Amy Grote

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Established in 2017 as a literary magazine for fiction, CRAFT expanded in 2020 to publish creative nonfiction as well. We explore how writing works, reading pieces with a focus on the elements of craft, on the art of prose. We feature previously unpublished creative work, with occasional reprints, as well as critical pieces including craft essays and interviews. All published creative pieces include an author’s note and an editorial introduction that both discuss stylistics in the work.

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