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CRAFT Short Fiction Prize 2019


2019 CRAFT Short Fiction Prize

Guest Judge: Elizabeth McCracken

Thank you to all of our submitters who sent stories in for the contest! We are delighted to publish the winning pieces in September. Congratulations to the winners, finalists, and honorable mentions!


First Place: “Winters,” by Marilyn Hope
Second Place: “Every Bird a Rival,” by Jacqui Reiko Teruya
Third Place: “Assassin, Alchemist,” by Robert Ren


“The Pigeon Hunt,” by Jenessa Abrams
“Flesh and Blood,” by James A. Andrews
“Underlake,” by Lesley Bannatyne
My Heart Goes Out,” by Amanda Bloom
“No Signboard Seafood,” by Elizabeth Marian Charles
Delaware,” by James Davidson
“Minty,” by Laura Farnsworth
“Ageing in Place,” by Lucia Gagliese
“You’re Just Like Me,” by Candice May
“Chop Chop,” by Alissa Jones Nelson
“Quantum,” by Jane Rawson
“Native Flora,” by Eva Speer
Rain Tomorrow,” by Charlie Watts

Honorable Mention

“Little You, Little Me,” by Alex Botts
“The Girl Who Stayed,” by Kathleen Chaplin
“Cockroach,” by Juhea Kim
“The Ghost Rider,” by Erica Plouffe Lazure
“The Uncle,” by Frank M. Meola
“Stone Elephants,” by Gloria Muñoz
“Flight Plan; A Fable,” by Denise Osso
The Wishing Pot,” by Kathryn Paulsen
“Where Can You Find It?,” by Megan Staffel
“The Taster,” by Terese Svoboda

We’ll be back next spring for the 2020 CRAFT Short Fiction Prize