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CRAFT Elements Contest 2020


2020 CRAFT Elements Contest: Conflict

Thank you to all the writers who sent short fiction to the contest. We are delighted to publish the winning pieces in December 2020. Congratulations to the winners, finalists, longlisters, and honorable mentions!

This year, we’ve decided to start naming our longlist alongside our honorable mentions, finalists, and winners. In the past, our honorable mention selections for our contests have included pieces from the longlist and from the second round that did not make the longlist. This year, with our full longlist named, we’ve chosen each of these honorable mention selections from among second-round pieces that did not make the longlist.


John Haggerty: “Shelter
Tobey Hiller: “Splinter
Eliana Ramage: “This Dreary Exile of Our Earthly Home


Marguerite Alley: “A Good Thing Going”
Steven Belletto: “Uncle Neal, Mayor of Doomsday”
Steven Bryan Bieler: “Schmitt Takes the Night Off”
David Borofka: “Retirement Dogs”
Sarah Freligh: “Revision”
Steph Grossman: “Girl in the Forest of Fear
Maya Kanwal: “The Unlucky Storefront”
Carol Keeley: “Wind and Embers”
Will Lowder: “Catastrophe Is Kind of Sexy”
Kathryn Maughan: “Gall”
Justin Noga: “Heinz Baby”
Connor Thompson: “Monsters”

The Rest of the Longlist

Allison Alsup: “May Peace Soon Come”
Vincent Anioke: “Ogbuefi”
Madison Bakalar: “So This Is How We Go”
Gina Chung: “Human Hearts”
Dominick R. Domingo: “The Salt Flats”
Georgia English: “Patterson’s Curse”
Meredith Fowke: “Unsaid”
Alma Garcia: “Shallow Waters”
Becky Hagenston: “Wild Creatures”
Sruthi Narayanan: “A Test of Fire”
Nancy Nguyen: “Relic”
Deesha Philyaw: “Dr. Sandman”
Kyle Seibel: “Tara, A Ghost Story”
Michele Suzann: “Bottom of the Hill”
Michael Ware: “The God of Speech”

Honorable Mention

Casey Bell: “Luminous Through the Mist”
Chad Gusler: “Sore Vexed”
Gurleen Kang: “Turban Tying”
Micah Khater: “The Mourning Place”
Alexander Lumans: “The Future History of the Arctic”
Sarah-Jane Martin: “Blackbirds”
Sarah McElwain: “The Eggplant”
Paula Smellie: “White and Jewish?”
Beth Sutherland: “Whiplash Curve”
J. Eliza Wall: “Cicada Crescendo”