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Exploring the art of fiction




CRAFT First Chapter Contest
2019: June 1 to July 31

Our inaugural first chapter contest! For the first chapter of a novel or novella in progress and/or unpublished. Details TK—stay tuned.

CRAFT Flash Fiction Contest
2019: September 1 to October 31

Our inaugural flash fiction contest! For stories under 1,000 words. Details TK—stay tuned.


CRAFT Short Fiction Prize
Judged by Elizabeth McCracken
2019: March 1 to April 30

The CRAFT Short Fiction Prize will be awarded in August. Three winners will be selected by guest judge Elizabeth McCracken, with $2800 awarded. Winners will receive publication and a written introduction by the judge. Learn more here.

CRAFT Elements Contest: Character, Dialogue, Setting
2018: August 15 to September 30


Character: “So Much Trouble,” by Karin Lin-Greenberg
Dialogue: “Heart Trouble,” by Rex Adams
Setting: “Passing,” by Thaïs Miller

A full list of finalists and honorable mentions can be found here.

CRAFT Short Fiction Prize
Judged by Jim Shepard
2018: March 1 to April 30


First Place: “Beyond Love,” by James Winter
Second Place: “Mule Brigade,” by Kenan Orhan
Third Place: “Proof You Worked the Land,” by Charlotte Crowe

A full list of finalists and honorable mentions can be found here.