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Image is a color photograph of a foggy pier; title card for the new flash fiction, "Riverine," by Ladi Opaluwa.

Riverine by Ladi Opaluwa

February 16, 2024

  Over the phone, I urge my sister to recount the event of the morning, several years ago when we were kids and our mother was away in nursing school, that she, being the eldest, woke up early as usual…

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Image is a color photograph of two pairs of garden gloves on a weathered wooden deck; title card for the new flash fiction, "Sweet Knife," by Dana Brewer Harris.

Sweet Knife by Dana Brewer Harris

January 19, 2024

  When Ford made love to Calla, she felt something in him fight. It wasn’t against her ugliness. That matter was settled business, though Calla, in her youth, had held onto the idea that she was a winter-apple sort of…

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Image is a color photograph of a landline next to a couch; title card for the microfiction stories "Sacrament", "Living on Stilts" & "Oh my god your voice sounds so haole" by Melissa Llanes Brownlee.

Sacrament, Living on Stilts, & Oh my god your voice sounds so haole by Melissa Llanes Brownlee

November 17, 2023

  Sacrament Pua shifts in the pew as the water and bread are passed out by the chosen boys, her mu’umu’u scratchy and stiff against her skin. She wonders if it will be white or wheat bread. Her mother pinches…

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Image is a color photograph of a sign above an elevator; title card for the new flash fiction story, "The Gateway" by Kathy Fish.

The Gateway by Kathy Fish

October 18, 2023

  John and Lara’s daughter had up and married a perfect stranger. She’d met the fellow at a gallery opening only two weeks before. The nuptials had taken place in a courthouse. On the phone Liza told them sure, of…

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Image is a color photograph of snowy barn with tracks leading toward it; title card for the CRAFT 2023 Setting Sketch Challenge Winner, "North Country, New York," by Gabrielle Hovendon.

North Country, New York by Gabrielle Hovendon

October 4, 2023

  In dreams at the backs of my eyelids, I was still twelve years old traveling in a car luminous with anger. I could feel the slow braking as we turned onto the county highway. I could see the horizon…

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Image is a color photograph of a jack-o-lantern in a window; title card for the flash fiction story "How to Say That We Want to Say Everything Is Okay" by Luka Poljak.

How to Say That We Want to Say Everything Is Okay by Luka Poljak

September 15, 2023

  She said she wanted me to meet her parents up in Squamish the week after I came back and that if I wanted to die it would be okay, but only after I meet her parents. So we drove…

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Image shows a blue-and-red striped circus tent from below, strung with star streamers; title card for new microfiction,"Sibling Circus" and "Hooked," by Meg Pokrass.

Sibling Circus & Hooked by Meg Pokrass

August 18, 2023

  Sibling Circus My brother was addicted to dog biscuits and this might have been how our act started. When our mother arrived, he’d pop one in his mouth, throw one to the real dog and then toss one to…

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Image shows a rhinoceros standing in a field of brown grass, with woods in the background; title card for new microfiction by Shih-Li Kow.

Sibling Parenting & Father’s Day by Shih-Li Kow

May 19, 2023

  Sibling Parenting Ai Ping’s brother said women who habitually declared they found happiness in everyday things were the hardest to please. If a woman required x affirmations of happiness a day, each having an effect which lasted an average…

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Image shoes a close view of nine bees entering a hole in a white beekeeping box; title card for 2022 Amelia Gray 2K Contest winner "Birds x Bees" by Katharine Duckett.

Birds x Bees by Katharine Duckett

April 28, 2023

  Esther was sixteen the summer that all the bees in her father’s hives died. Those were the days when she was in love with everything. The curtains in her room, billowing with the morning breeze; the spongy hills leading…

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Image is an aerial/overhead shot of trucks parked in a lot in the snow at nighttime; title card for 2022 Amelia Gray 2K Contest winner "Penny, Barbara, Ruth, Irene" by Amy Grote.

Penny, Barbara, Ruth, Irene by Amy Grote

April 21, 2023

  After three gin martinis, my mother-in-law spits out her teeth. “You’re a cannonball with a credit card,” she hisses. Her dentures glisten like pearls in her palm. Never, she likes to remind me, did she foresee her sweet son…

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