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CRAFT Elements Contest 2018


Thank you to everyone who submitted! We loved reading your stories. Congratulations to the 2018 winners, finalists, and honorable mentions.


Character: “So Much Trouble,” by Karin Lin-Greenberg

Dialogue: “Heart Trouble,” by Rex Adams

Setting: “Passing,” by Thaïs Miller


“Emm,” by Maria Cichosz
February 25, 1964,” by Mark Farrington
Heart Trouble,” by Rex Adams
“The Unweighting,” by Laura Theis

“Clown Ambulance,” by Rachel Lyon
Passing,” by Thaïs Miller
“Step on a Crack,” by Sue McGarry
“You Break Your Teeth on Harlem Avenue,” by Kira Compton

“Bog Iron,” by Clare Becker
River Bandit,” by Carl Napolitano
“Splattered,” by Tucker C. Newsome
“That More Dear Than Hands or Tongue,” by Clare Fielder

Honorable Mention

“Golden Horizons,” by Timothy Hennum for Character
“Lock Two,” by Kevin Lanahan for Setting
“The Marchioness,” by Corey Flintoff for Character
“Siblings,” by Nicole Simonsen for Setting
“Sunday at the Depot Diner,” by Wendy Palmer for Setting
“Thoughts and Prayers,” by Deborah Schupack for Character & Setting
“What Would Make Them Happy,” by Amy Hanson for Character & Dialogue
“Who Stole Aunt Rachel’s Girdle?,” by Jean Ende for Character

About Elements & Guidelines

The CRAFT Elements Contest is an occasional contest. Keep an eye on the calendar for all the latest on our contests.

What makes your fiction stand out?

When we read stories, we often note their strength in a certain element of craft. Perhaps the setting—a place the reader has never been or is very familiar with—is perfectly rendered. Perhaps the dialogue brings the characters to life but also reveals subtext. Perhaps a character is drawn so well that the reader cannot forget the character, even weeks after reading the story.

For the 2018 CRAFT Elements Contest, we will be reading the stories through the lens of craft, and selecting winners based on the strength of the story in each of the following three craft categories: Setting, Dialogue, and Character. One story will be awarded in each category, and each of the three authors will receive $1000 and publication. Finalists will also be noted in each category.

So send us that story that really shines in one (or all!) of these categories. We can’t wait to read your fiction!