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Image is a color photograph of a basketball hoop under a cloudy sky; title card for the new flash creative nonfiction essay, "Canines," by Jona Whipple.

Canines by Jona Whipple

May 8, 2024

  She says go like this and bares her teeth at me, lips pulled back. All the other girls lean in to see inside my mouth, too close. I smell the leather of their shoes, but I don’t flinch. Jagged,…

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Image is a color photograph of a rain puddle on a street covered in brown leaves; title card for the CRAFT 2023 Flash Prose Prize Editors' Choice Selection, "Forty-Eight Hours in Miami," by Christina Simon.

Forty-Eight Hours in Miami by Christina Simon

April 1, 2024

  My first time in Miami is tiny cups of sweet Cuban cortadito; and going to the Miami Open with my husband to join the crowds cheering for Carlos “Carlitos” Alcaraz, the Spanish teenage sensation and World #1; and rainy…

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Image is a color photograph of a lit streetlamp at night; title card for the new micromemoirs, "Snap, Stacked, & Night Sky with Generations," by Rebe Huntman.

Snap, Stacked, & Night Sky with Generations by Rebe Huntman

March 13, 2024

  Snap Not when your mother makes you go to the dance. You tell her you’re sick. Really sick this time. See? You’ve broken out in hives. Not when she slathers you in calamine lotion & stuffs you into tights…

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Image is a color photograph of discarded reddish flowers on the edge of dark, water-splashed rocks; title card for the flash essay, "The Little List of Boys and Men Who Vanished," by Claudia Monpere.

The Little List of Boys and Men Who Vanished by Claudia Monpere

March 6, 2024

  Number one had cerulean blue eyes and haloed heat as we danced at Sadie Hawkins in our matching flannel shirts and he wandered night stairs and stars almost as stoned as his mother and strummed “Dust in the Wind”…

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Image is a black-and-white photograph of a crib mobile; title card for the new flash creative nonfiction essay, "Still Awake," by Julie Marie Wade.

Still Awake by Julie Marie Wade

February 7, 2024

  For Margaret Wise Brown In the great green room once known as The Earth, we stretched out in dry grass and stared up at the sky, arms akimbo behind our heads. Elbows for miles. There was a telephone, once…

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Image is a color photograph of sketched body parts; title card for the new flash creative nonfiction essay, "Index of Body Parts," by Kim Magowan.

Index of Body Parts by Kim Magowan

January 10, 2024

  Elbow The so-called “funny bone,” the most sensitive bone in the body. A tap here feels excruciating. The hardest point of the body, according to the scary mass email my mother-in-law sends (subject heading: FOR WOMEN!). “If assaulted, attack…

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Image is a black-and-white photograph of someone standing behind a broken glass; title card for the new creative nonfiction microflash, "When Doves Cry," by Anne Panning.

“When Doves Cry” by Anne Panning

September 6, 2023

  Prince tipped extravagantly. He’d leave $100 bills tucked under the ketchup. He did not condescend, but would wiggle his little fanny all the way out the door. The limos gobbled him up and deposited him at Paisley Park. Lavender…

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Image shows a row of brick apartment buildings with rectangular windows against a white sky; title card for new flash essay, "For Rent," by Rosa Kwon Easton.

For Rent by Rosa Kwon Easton

August 9, 2023

  You fluff the white rice for lunch. Aroma of fermented soybean paste stew wafts in the air. Gazing out the open window, you tense. You slap the rice paddle on the counter and rush outside, charging headfirst across the…

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Image shows a yellow walking sign on a green guard rail in New York City; title card for the Character Sketch Challenge winner, "Gordon Bishop," by Naomi Bishop.

Gordon Bishop by Naomi Melati Bishop

August 2, 2023

  Gordon Bishop, fifty-six, is a one-eyed, one-legged, one-breasted single father. He is a native New Yorker who shares an antique-filled one-bedroom apartment in Hell’s Kitchen with his teenage daughter. Every night, Gordon sits at his desk wearing tighty-whities and…

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Image shows a white door on a green garage slashed with sunlight; title card for the 2022 CNFA editors' choice selection, "Tatuajes," by Rubén Degollado.

Tatuajes by Rubén Degollado

June 7, 2023

  Indiana, in our cold one-car garage, motes of dust falling sideways, the sunlight diffused by the snow covering the ground outside, and we watched Apá working the punching bag, his untaped fists flashing with each swing. Behind my brother…

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