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CRAFT explores the art of fiction, celebrating both emerging and established writers. We focus on the craft of writing and how the elements of craft make a good story shine. We feature new and republished fiction, critical pieces on craft, interviews, book annotations, and much more.





Our entire library can be found in our Fiction section.

Our CRAFT Fiction categories are open year-round to any emerging or established author. We accept submissions from international writers. We accept simultaneous submissions but ask that you inform us immediately and withdraw your work if your story is accepted elsewhere. We pay our authors $100 for original flash fiction and $200 for original short fiction. We do not charge submission fees, but are highly selective in what we choose to publish.

We will also consider previously published fiction, as long as the writer retains the rights or second-publication rights can be obtained. We do not pay for reprints.

Each published story will include an editor’s introduction as well as a craft note from the author. These author’s notes will be requested upon acceptance. To read the author’s notes of previously published stories, please see CRAFT Fiction.

To see a list of our most commonly asked questions about submitting to us, please visit our FAQ page. If you have additional questions after reading our FAQ, please send an email to: contact (at) craftliterary (dot) com.

Flash Fiction, for work under 1,000 words

Short Fiction, for work under 6,000 words


We accept submissions of critical pieces on craft, book annotations/reviews, and interviews. For a look at the type of content we publish, please visit our CRAFT section. All work in this section is about fiction. Please do not send critical work about poetry or nonfiction.

Critical essays range from 1000 to 1500 words concerning the craft of fiction. The most common type of essays we publish consist of a careful examination of an element or elements of craft in a piece or pieces of fiction. We recommend familiarizing yourself with our archive.

For interviews, we are interested in conversations with fiction writers/novelists focusing on the craft of writing. You may query at contact (at) craftliterary (dot) com.

Our book annotations generally focus on fiction writers/novelists who explicitly explore craft in their work. These pieces are typically between 800 and 1200 words. We recommend familiarizing yourself with our archive.


For all contest information, including submission guidelines, please visit our Calendar and Submit pages, and our Submittable.

Details about the annual CRAFT Short Fiction Prize are here.

Details about the occasional CRAFT Elements Contest are here.

Details about the CRAFT First Chapters Contest are here.

Other questions? Send to contact@craftliterary.com

Submission questions, concerns, and inquiries can be sent to a staff member at: contact (at) craftliterary (dot) com

To submit a story or learn more about our guidelines, click the submit button.

Author’s Rights

CRAFT holds first serial publication rights for three months after publication. Authors agree not to publish, nor authorize or permit the publication of, any part of the material for three months following CRAFT’s first publication. For reprints we ask for acknowledgement of its publication in CRAFT first.