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CRAFT Flash Fiction Contest 2019


2019 CRAFT Flash Fiction Contest

Guest Judge: Benjamin Percy

Thank you to all the writers who sent stories to our first flash fiction contest! We are delighted to publish the winning entries in April. Congratulations to the winners, finalists, and honorable mentions!


Epilogue,” by Carol M. Quinn
Girls’ Weekend,” by Steven Simoncic
How to Return Your Child to School,” by Hillary Smith

Editors’ Choice Round Selections

Inheritance,” by Madeline Anthes
Coyote the Younger,” by Stephen Aubrey
Old Girl,” by Virginia Reeves
What They Didn’t Teach Us,” by Luke Whisnant


Heather Aronson: “What You Know
A.A. Balaskovits: “Mama Had a Baby and Her Head Popped Off”
Kristin Bonilla: “Shy, Solitary Animals”
J.Anne DeStaic: “House, in Order
Trent England: “The Four Seasons”
Matt Hall: “Apocalypse Now?”
Kira Homsher: “Delete the Ladder”
Melanie J. Malinowski: “Pregnancy Test”
Veronica Montes: “Stone Cold Fox”
Martha Payne: “Citrus”
Andrés Reconco: “This Is How It Happens”
Lynn Schmeidler: “\ ˈlī \”
Michelle Wright: “Lost”
Stephanie Yu: “The Gorgons”

Honorable Mention

Madeline Anthes: “What We Bury”
Aramis Calderon: “Butterfly”
Aimee DeGroat: “Before the Split”
Nancy Scott Hanway: “Spite”
Jennifer Julian: “Cat’s Cradle”
Lyndsie Manusos: “Concerning the Power Cord”
Terrie Petree: “Traffic”
Carol M. Quinn: “Changeling”
Luis Garcia Romero: “Cloud People”
Katy Sewall: “Ione and the Boy”
Karen Smyte: “Fugitives, 1980”
Luke Whisnant: “After the Assassination”
Michelle Wright: “From Where They Come”