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Welcome to CRAFT

Established in 2017 as a literary magazine for fiction, CRAFT expanded in 2020 to publish creative nonfiction as well. We explore how writing works, reading pieces with a focus on the elements of craft, on the art of prose. We feature previously unpublished creative work, with occasional reprints, as well as critical pieces including craft essays and interviews. All published creative pieces include an author’s note and an editorial introduction that both discuss stylistics in the work.

We do not charge fees for our fiction or creative nonfiction submissions, or for our craft categories, and we are a paying market. Our general submissions are open year-round with no capacity limits. We value accessibility—keeping CRAFT free to read and free to submit to is our priority. We work with all writers, established as well as emerging. All creative work published in CRAFT comes through submission; we do not solicit fiction or creative nonfiction.

We offer editorial feedback on short prose, as well as free fast-response submissions for writers from historically marginalized groups.

Our Values

As a tenet of our editorial philosophy, we do not discriminate on the basis of age, ancestry, disability, family status, gender identity or expression, national origin, race, religion, sex or sexual orientation, or for any other reason. Additionally, we do not tolerate discrimination in the writing we consider for publication. Work we find discriminatory on any of the bases stated here will be declined without complete review. We reserve the right to refuse service to bigots—in some cases, we may ban writers from submitting work to us again.

Further, we actively recognize that publishing needs to better-reckon with its systemic racism. Structural inequality must be dismantled. Diversity is not enough—we need inclusion, equity, and reparations. We add our voice to the chorus of those in the anti-racist global movement seeking justice and change. We support and uplift the work of marginalized and historically mis- and underrepresented writers. See our page in support of Black Lives Matter for more. And please visit our Resources page for more information on anti-racism, representation, and inequality in publishing.

Further still, while the original VIDA/CLMP #saferLIT program no longer exists, we support survivors and agree with the program’s original intent: “To believe victims who come forward about their experiences, and to do what [we] can to assist in getting help and address the situation immediately. To not deny the experience, gaslight, or dismiss those who come forward.” To that end, we will deplatform writers we’ve published if we learn of their bigotry or harassment elsewhere.

Send Writing

CRAFT is open year-round to all writers. We currently feature two separate submission categories each for fiction and for creative nonfiction, based on the length of the work submitted: flash fiction and flash creative nonfiction, for work fewer than 1,000 words; and short fiction and creative nonfiction, for work up to 6,000 words. For more information, please see our submit page.

We also conduct several contests each year.


All inquiries can be sent to: contact (at) craftliterary (dot) com


Editor in Chief: Courtney Harler

Associate Editors:

Flash Creative Nonfiction—Jacqueline Doyle
Longform Creative Nonfiction—Shara Kronmal
Flash Fiction—Melissa Benton Barker & Jahzerah Brooks
Short Fiction—David K. Slay & Rowena Leong Singer
Interviews & Craft Essays—Allison Carr

Editor at Large: Katelyn Keating

Editorial Consultants: Joanna Acevedo, Melissa Benton Barker, Alyse Burnside, Kyle Cochrun, Alexa Doran, Ross Feeler, B. B. Garin, Courtney Harler, Katelyn Keating, Jill Kolongowski, Val M. Mathews, Gabriel Moseley, Gage Saylor, & David K. Slay

Editorial Assistants:
Creative Nonfiction—Kyle Cochrun, Amy Cook, & Travis Roberson
Flash Fiction—Bree Smith, Lindsey Wente, & Eliana Gruvman
Short Fiction—Marguerite Alley, Isobel Falk, & Elizabeth DeKok
Interviews & Craft Essays—Sabina Livadariu, Shehrazade Zafar-Arif, & Elizabeth Carls

Art & Marketing Assistant: Rebecca Loggia

Production Assistant: Sabina Livadariu

Readers: Matthew Ainley, Marguerite Alley, Lucy Barber-Hancock, L. Shapley Bassen, Elaine Bullock, Alyse Burnside, Elizabeth Carls, Kyle Cochrun, Katie Coleman, Amy Cook, Elizabeth DeKok, Matt Dube, Gerald Ewa, Isobel Falk, Anthony Godino, Dawn Goulet, Alexandra Gromacki, Eliana Gruvman, Mary Guiney, Teal Hall, Cre’shea Hilton, Emmie Kline, Ernest Langston, Sabina Livadariu, Maren Logan, Rebecca Loggia, Caio Major, Kristin Marie, Flávia Monteiro, Grace Mwangi, James Nelligan, Cynthia Nnadi, Emma Pacchiana, Gwendolyn Paradice, Maryssa Paulsen, Rachel Phillips, Travis Roberson, K Roberts, Malissa Rodenburg, Mylena Rodriguez, Suzanne Manizza Roszak, Saanvi Sahoo, Bree Smith, Jessica Stoppkotte, Chaharika Uppal, Lindsey Wente, Severin Wiggenhorn, Melissa Witcher, Amanda Whitehurst, Cloe Wood, Haleigh Yaspan, Shehrazade Zafar-Arif, & Laura Zeilo

Honorary Readers: Erika G. Abad, Amy Barnes, & Gabriel Moseley

Founding Editors: Laura Spence-Ash & Kim Winternheimer

Former Editors: Suzanne Grove, Associate Editor, 2018-2024; Henry Christopher, Interviews & Craft Essays Section Editor, 2022-2023; Albert Liau, Short Fiction Section Editor 2021-2022; Sam Risak, Interviews & Craft Essays Section Editor 2022; Kathy Ngoc Nguyen, Short Fiction Section Editor 2020–2022; Kristin Tenor, Editor in Chief 2021 & Flash Fiction Section Editor 2020–2021; Katelyn Keating, Editor in Chief 2018–2021; Laura Spence-Ash, Editor in Chief 2017–2018; Alex Berge, Associate Editor 2019–2020 & Short Fiction Section Editor 2018; Tommy Dean, Flash Fiction Section Editor 2018–2020; & Jennifer Jellen, Short Fiction Section Editor 2018–2019

Assistant Hall of Fame: Jennie Evenson, Flash Fiction Editorial Assistant, 2023-2024; Angela Lee, Art & Marketing Assistant, 2023-2024; Caitlin Taylor So, Interviews & Craft Essays Editorial Assistant, 2023-2024; Scott Ragland, Flash Fiction Editorial Assistant 2023; Jesse Motte, Short Fiction Editorial Assistant 2023; Jamie Etheridge, Creative Nonfiction Editorial Assistant 2021-2023; Henry Christopher, Art & Marketing Assistant 2022-2023; Elizabeth Bluth, Flash Fiction Editorial Assistant 2021-2023; Sam Risak, Art & Marketing Assistant 2022; Claire Lobenfeld, Short Fiction Editorial Assistant 2021-2022; Anthony Cardellini, Art & Marketing Assistant 2021; & Thomas Ferriello, Flash Fiction Editorial Assistant 2020–2021

Reader Hall of Fame: Shedrack Akanbi, Rascher Marie Alcasid, Andrea Auten, Jakob Bailey, Amy Barnes, Nicole Barney, Cameron Baumgartner, Matt Biundo, Melissa Bowers, Winston Bribach, Delia Campos-Ferreira, Dana Cann, Maia Cataldo, Lena Crown, Rebekah Daniel, Alida Dean, Peter Dennis, Paige Patterson Duff, Alyson Mosquera Dutemple, Catherine Findorak, Téa Franco, Rosemary Graham, Troy Graham, Mike Goodwin, Natalie Harman, Kristen Havens, Rose Heredia, Hannah Jackson, Ryanne Kap, Mike Keeper, Nneoma Kenure, Bronwen Keyes-Bevan, Joelle Kidd, Kristen Zory King, Zachary Kocanda, Namrata Kolachalam, Wilson Koewing, Kurt Kroeber, Janice Leagra, Emma Margraf, Laura Marshall, Claudia McCarron, MJ McGinn, Corey Miller, Priyanka Moorjani, Dev Murphy, Barathi Nakkeeran, Hayley Neiling, Elizabeth Ochsner, Ashley Paul, Austin Ross, Timi Sanni, Amy Scheiner, Vandana Sehrawat, Leslie Shen, Dan Shields, Tom Shute, Casey Smith, Nadine Story, Patricia Thomas, Mary Thompson, Mary Vensel White, Kori Wood, Angela Workoff, Cynthia Zhang, & Tanya Zilinskas

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