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CRAFT Short Fiction Prize 2018

2018 CRAFT Short Fiction Prize, judged by Jim Shepard

Thank you to everyone who submitted to the Short Fiction Prize! We so enjoyed reading all your wonderful stories. Congratulations to the finalists and to those stories receiving honorable mention!

The top two finalists, chosen by Jim Shepard, were published in September, 2018.


First Place: “Beyond Love,” by James Winter

Second Place: “Mule Brigade,” by Kenan Orhan

Third Place: “Proof You Worked the Land,” by Charlotte Crowe


“After the Rain,” by Evelyn Levine

“Every Time God Closes a Door He Nails a Window Shut,” by Chris Feeney

“Glacier,” by Rob Smith

“Primitive,” by Emily Pease

“Snap Bean Saint,” by Linda Clopton

“The Dry Years,” by Jessica Barksdale

The Provider,” by Anne English

“The Quickening,” by Jennifer Hanno

There Is In This Dirty Night a Running Chase Off and Away,” by Jim Bosiljevac

“True Light,” by H.E. Francis

“Understanding,” by Rachel King

“What Is It You Want From Me, Sweetie?” by Darrell Spencer



Honorable Mention

“Adapt or Die,” by Laurie Baker

“Azimuth,” by Brian Hart

“David’s Mother,” by Matthew Grzecki

“Grind Them Bones to Dust,” by A.C. Koch

“Neighboring Parts of This Planet,” by Elizabeth Edelglass

“Placebo,” by Zachary Vickers

“Some Fun,” by Amy Shearn

“The Cloud Collector,” by Mauricio Montiel Figueiras

“The Hero & The Dragonfly,” by Serena W. Lin

“The Octopus,” by Julia Lee

“The Road,” by Tim Hurd

three occupants of an empty home,” by Klaus Castellano

“What Makes You Think You’re Awake Right Now?” by Maegan Poland