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Image is a color photograph of a rusted helmet on display; title card for the new creative nonfiction essay, "This Shattering" by Wiam El-Tamami.

This Shattering by Wiam El-Tamami

September 13, 2023

  just before dawn   I. It started in the daytime, my sister says, I remember the light. We were watching TV. Mama and Baba were in their room, asleep. We heard noises that sounded like fireworks. It happened at…

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Image is a black-and-white photograph of someone standing behind a broken glass; title card for the new creative nonfiction microflash, "When Doves Cry," by Anne Panning.

“When Doves Cry” by Anne Panning

September 6, 2023

  Prince tipped extravagantly. He’d leave $100 bills tucked under the ketchup. He did not condescend, but would wiggle his little fanny all the way out the door. The limos gobbled him up and deposited him at Paisley Park. Lavender…

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Image shows six cartons of fresh red raspberries from above on a wooden table; title card for the new creative nonfiction essay, "How We Carry the Weight of It," by Will McMillan.

How We Carry the Weight of It by Will McMillan

August 16, 2023

  We arrive in the raspberry fields when it’s dark. It’s dark when we pile out of our secondhand pickup. My father, my mother. My brother and me. It’s dark when we start walking the rutted, sopping dirt road that…

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Image shows a row of brick apartment buildings with rectangular windows against a white sky; title card for new flash essay, "For Rent," by Rosa Kwon Easton.

For Rent by Rosa Kwon Easton

August 9, 2023

  You fluff the white rice for lunch. Aroma of fermented soybean paste stew wafts in the air. Gazing out the open window, you tense. You slap the rice paddle on the counter and rush outside, charging headfirst across the…

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Image shows a yellow walking sign on a green guard rail in New York City; title card for the Character Sketch Challenge winner, "Gordon Bishop," by Naomi Bishop.

Gordon Bishop by Naomi Melati Bishop

August 2, 2023

  Gordon Bishop, fifty-six, is a one-eyed, one-legged, one-breasted single father. He is a native New Yorker who shares an antique-filled one-bedroom apartment in Hell’s Kitchen with his teenage daughter. Every night, Gordon sits at his desk wearing tighty-whities and…

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Image shows two pairs of open scissors taped to a white background; title card for Hybrid Writing Contest first-place winner, "Split Ends," by Rowan McCandless.

Split Ends by Rowan McCandless

July 28, 2023

  When my mother died, I inherited a sizeable goldenrod-coloured envelope; inside, I discovered birthday cards given to me from family members throughout my childhood, handmade get-well cards crafted by classmates upon the occasion of having one of several surgeries…

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Image shows the corner of a mid-70s-style living room with an old CRTV on a table in the center of the frame; title card for the second-place Hybrid Writing Contest winner, "The Babysitter," by Andrew Borneman.

The Babysitter by Andrew Borneman

July 21, 2023

“My memory serves me far too well.” —George Michael   1979 I’ve heard the story a hundred times. Fourteen phone call attempts before my mother snagged my brother’s first babysitter, Sarah, a quick-witted high school sophomore. She showed up from…

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Image shows a top-down view of blue-green water pooling on white sand in Latvia; title card for the Hybrid Writing Contest third-place winner, "Four Words Whispered on a Smoky Field," by Baņuta Rubess.

Four Words Whispered on a Smoky Field by Baņuta Rubess

July 14, 2023

      BAŅUTA RUBESS pioneered feminist theatre and contemporary opera to national renown in Canada and Latvia. She has lived in four countries and writes in two languages. She has written plays, libretti, radio drama, television biopics, stories, and…

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Image shows an open drawer filled with tattoo ink, photographed in black and white; title card for 2022 Creative Nonfiction Award winner, "On Possessing a Body," by Lotte Mitchell Reford.

On Possessing a Body by Lotte Mitchell Reford

June 28, 2023

  Content Warning—disordered eating   I At night, I find myself lying in bed near bursting with memory, as if something gone could still rip through me and flower. And yes I let myself get hungrier. It feels impossible to…

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Image shows a vintage car parked alongside an empty parking space fronting a red brick wall; title card for 2022 Creative Nonfiction Award winner, "What I Do and Don't Remember from the Days and Nights of Endlessly Smoking Crack and Shooting Heroin," by Christian Bodney.

What I Do and Don’t Remember from the Days and Nights of Endlessly Smoking Crack and Shooting Heroin by Christian Bodney

June 21, 2023

  It’s all a blur. It can be separated into two five-year periods: using alone and using with Haley. Haley had piercings everywhere: the bridge of her nose, her septum, her nipples, her belly button. She had stretched lobes—one had…

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