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Image is the book cover for BEYOND THAT, THE SEA by Laura Spence-Ash; title card for the new interview with CRAFT Editor in Chief Courtney Harler.

Interview: Laura Spence-Ash

September 27, 2023

  In this new interview, Editor in Chief Courtney Harler corresponds with Laura Spence-Ash, author of one of this year’s most-anticipated debut novels, Beyond That, the Sea. Spence-Ash is also a former editor and cofounder of CRAFT, and we’re thrilled…

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Image is the book cover for THE FEAR OF LARGE AND SMALL NATIONS by Nancy Agabian; title card for the new interview with Aida Zilelian.

Interview: Nancy Agabian

September 22, 2023

  Set alternately in Yerevan, Armenia, and Queens, New York, Nancy Agabian’s novel The Fear of Large and Small Nations is a beautifully crafted interweaving of third-person storytelling with first-person metawriting and journaling. The main character is Na, a young…

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Image is the book covers for BREAKING POINTS and EVERYTHING'S CHANGING by Chelsea Stickle; title card for new interview with Myna Chang.

Interview: Chelsea Stickle

September 1, 2023

  Acclaimed shortform author Chelsea Stickle has recently published two chapbooks: Breaking Points, which explores crucial moments in women’s lives through a variety of flash forms; and Everything’s Changing, which conjures images of transformation, both magical and otherwise. Chelsea took…

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Image is the book cover for GLORIA PATRI by Austin Ross; title card for conversation with Aaron Burch.

Conversations Between Friends: Aaron Burch and Austin Ross

August 25, 2023

  Aaron Burch and Austin Ross first became acquainted when Burch accepted one of Ross’s short stories at Hobart in 2018. Here, they discuss Ross’s debut novel, Gloria Patri, which deals with the aftermath of religious extremism and domestic terrorism.…

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Image shows the book cover image for BE BRIEF AND TELL THEM EVERYTHING by Brad Listi; title card for April Sopkin's new interview with the author.

Interview: Brad Listi

August 4, 2023

  I’ve been listening to Brad Listi’s Otherppl podcast for years, very used to his voice and candor, but I didn’t pick up his fiction until he flipped the script and sat as a guest on his own show. In…

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Image shows three book covers for a new interview called "Conversations Between Friends: Tara Lynn Masih, Stacy D. Flood, and Kim Chinquee."

Conversations Between Friends: Tara Lynn Masih, Stacy D. Flood, and Kim Chinquee

May 31, 2023

  Wheels, puzzles, the art of Zen—how do these seemingly unrelated topics pertain to the craft of condensing prose? Three authors and friends who bonded over their love of writing “short” explore how writers can fine-tune their flash or novella…

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Image shows the book cover for MEN I TRUST; title card for Erin Vachon's new hybrid interview with Tommi Parrish.

Hybrid Interview: Tommi Parrish

May 5, 2023

  Essay by Erin Vachon • The opening panel of Tommi Parrish’s brilliant graphic novel Men I Trust—out now from Fantagraphics—centers a clothesline, laundry drying in spare daylight. Parrish populates the world with bodies soon enough. Eliza is a single…

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Image is the book cover for CONVERSATIONS WITH BIRDS; title card for A. D. Carr's new hybrid interview with Priyanka Kumar.

Hybrid Interview: Priyanka Kumar

March 1, 2023

  Essay by A. D. Carr • “Sometimes it just takes the right bird to awaken us.”  —Priyanka Kumar I didn’t start to have an interest in birds until my midthirties. No doubt this shift coincides with the transition from…

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Image is the book cover for CLEAN AIR; title card for Melanie Pierce's new interview with Sarah Blake.

Interview: Sarah Blake

February 6, 2023

  In Sarah Blake’s sophomore novel, Clean Air, the cause of the climate apocalypse comes as a surprise. It’s not rising oceans or wildfires or air pollution. The trees release enough pollen to suffocate humankind: a drawn-out, mass-casualty event known…

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Image is the book cover for A SUMMONING; title card for Leslie Lindsay's new interview with Nicole McCarthy.

Interview: Nicole McCarthy

February 3, 2023

  All spaces are haunted. In a way, all spaces are about memory. In A Summoning, “a conceptual, psychological experiment focused on memory,” Nicole McCarthy invites readers to sit and feel and think and remember. Throughout this fragmented collection, McCarthy…

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