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Other Significant Others: A Glossary by Gauraa Shekhar

September 10, 2021

  Ages 17–19 Aging English Rockstar Who Threatened to SueHe tells you about his daughter between mouthfuls of dragon rolls, dabbing the truffle off his upper lip scruff with the corner of a napkin. He lost her to cancer before…

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Crop Maze by Gary Fincke

August 27, 2021

  In late August, his son began to insist aliens lived in the cornfields that stretched west from the outskirts of the town they lived in. Not playacting. Not childlike. They needed, his son solemnly said, to be ready for…

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The Night He Said I Love You by K.C. Mead-Brewer

August 20, 2021

  Shelly died first. Some combination of tuberculosis and an ancient family curse. Then her ghost killed Dan, strangled him with his own bed-curtains. They both agreed to leave Good Boy alive—the game is Ghost Children, not Ghost Dogs. Shelly…

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Babushka by Kristen Loesch

August 13, 2021

  The television gives off a low hum, like a bumblebee. Buzz. Buzz. I make the sound too, hoping she will turn away from the screen, but tonight my granddaughter is entranced by the grainy sight of hundreds, thousands of…

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As I Make My Crooked Way by Jules Hogan

August 6, 2021

  I want to be a better person, so I hide my bad habits. When I lived alone, in a chilly, oceanside city, I let the evidence accumulate like flotsam around me. Now, I’m twenty-seven and I live in my…

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I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream by Chelsea Stickle

July 23, 2021

  There is a town at the edge of things where women hold in their screams. They die young: high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, cancer. The girls watch their mothers and grandmothers and aunts play Ring Around the Rosie,…

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Ball by Siamak Vossoughi

July 16, 2021

  This shape, he said to his niece as he tossed her the ball on the grass. This roundness, this perfection of throwing and catching, this can be the thing for a good long while. He did not tell her…

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Mother, Prey by Tara Isabel Zambrano

July 9, 2021

  I was ten when I discovered I had a womb. It bloomed red. The same year I learned about space. Booster rockets to escape gravity, separated and lost forever. My mother bagged items in a grocery store, Mary, an…

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Daughter by Isha Karki

June 25, 2021

  The day you killed your mother, you wished your father dead. A whole life of could-bes glittered in your mind. A beauty parlour for your mother, reams of thread and pots of sticky wax. A lunchbox business, stacks of…

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A Girl Is Grown Like a Poem Is Grown by Abbigail N. Rosewood

June 18, 2021

  A girl is trained first and foremost to satiate and please, to induce salivation from: boys, men, priests, teachers, plumbers, fathers, brothers, dogs, occasionally horses.   A girl is trained to survive others’ pleasures, others’ desires, her own saliva…

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