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Publishing Industry Resources to Combat Racism

protester holds cardboard handmade sign that reads, "It's a privilege to educate yourself about racism instead of experiencing it."
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Understanding Systemic Racism in Publishing:

The 2019 Lee & Low Diversity Baseline Survey

“The 2015 survey reported that overall, 79 percent of people who work in publishing self-report as white. Given the sample size difference, this 3 percent change in white employees does not meet the bar for statistically significant change. There is no discernible change to any of the other racial categories. In other words, the field is just as white today as it was four years ago.”

“When ‘Good Writing’ Means ‘White Writing’” in Electric Lit

“Whose language is universal? Against whose language are we judging the quality of prose? Who are we asking them to try and become?”

“‘A Conflicted Cultural Force’: What It’s Like to Be Black in Publishing” in The New York Times

“Black publishing professionals are becoming exhausted from being heard only when it benefits the company’s bottom line.”

“The PW Publishing Industry Salary Survey, 2018” in Publishers Weekly

“Change comes slowly to the publishing industry. Despite years of discussion about the need to bring more people of color into the workforce, 86% of respondents to PW’s 2017 salary and jobs survey were white, down 1 percentage point from 2016.”

“How 10 Women Of Color Actually Feel About Working In Book Publishing” in Bustle

“If we want to diversify our workforce, we have to address the economic inequality that keeps certain people from entering or staying in the industry in the first place.”

Editorial Tools We Use and Recommend:

Conscious Style Guide

Editors of Color Database & Database of Diverse Databases

Radical Copyeditor

Writing with Color

Further Reading:

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