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Short Story Month: Our Recommendations

Every day this month on Twitter, in celebration of Short Story Month, we’ve recommended a great short story to read. (Almost) all the stories we’ve selected are available online. Enjoy!

May 1: Jamel Brinkley, “A Lucky Man

May 2: Danielle Lazarin, “Floor Plans

May 3: Kate Petersen, “After, Before

May 4: Laura van den Berg, “Aftermath

May 5: Nafissa Thompson-Spires, “Fatima, the Biloquist: A Transformation Story”

May 6: Alice Munro, “The Bear Came Over the Mountain

May 7: John Keene, “Rivers

May 8: Rita Bullwinkel, “Black Tongue

May 9: Marie-Helene Bertino, “North Of

May 10: Lesley Nneka Arimah, “Light

May 11: Jensen Beach, “To God Belongs What He Has Taken

May 12: Sara Makja, “Nashua

May 13: Karen Shepard, “The Mothers

May 14: Renee Simms, “Meet Behind Mars

May 15: William Trevor, “An Idyll in Winter

May 16: Michael Sheehan, “Another Oz

May 17: Kate Walbert, “M&M World

May 18: Jez Burrows, “Dictionary Stories

May 19: Michael Cunningham, “A Wild Swan

May 20: Jenny Diski, “The Old Princess

May 21: Ann Packer, “Molten

May 22: Nick Fuller Googins, “Origin Stories

May 23: Philip Roth, “Goodbye, Columbus”

May 24: Jim Shepard, “Boys Town”

May 25: Megan Cummins, “Wild Beating Hearts

May 26: Rebecca Makkai, “Cross

May 27: Michelle Hart, “Rolesville

May 28: Phil Klay, “Frago

May 29: Clare Beams, “Ailments

May 30: Grace Paley, “Friends,” “Love,” and “Mother

May 31: Soili Smith, “Your Children Are Not Your Own