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Author: CRAFT

Character’s Imagination

Exploring the imagination of a character is a wonderful way to allow the reader insight into the way a character thinks and behaves. How characters behave with others—their actions and their words—can move a story forward and, of course, are…

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“Watershed” by Jack Noland

Distilling a city to its essence is a fool’s errand, but Dublin in December tests the fool. It’s all magnified: wind-blown rain; the serious, northern-latitude darkness that drives pub traffic and tea sales; a high holiday looming that’s both hearty-Catholic…

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New books: week of June 11!

Here’s a quick look at some of the great books out this week. Happy pub day to all! Nick Arvin, Mad Boy Europa Editions From Kirkus Reviews: “Across the battlefields of the War of 1812, a young boy races to…

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A Closer Look: RESTLESS SOULS, Dan Sheehan

A novel that follows a trio of childhood friends from Dublin to northern California, Dan Sheehan’s debut novel, Restless Souls, nicely investigates male friendship as well as the impact of trauma. Strong first-person voices provide a narrative that flows easily, with…

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New books: week of June 4

Here’s a quick look at some of the great books out this week. Happy pub day to all!   Adrienne Celt, Invitation to a Bonfire Bloomsbury Publishing  From Kirkus Reviews: “Trembling with atmosphere, Celt’s (The Daughters, 2015) second novel follows…

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Short Story Month: Our Recommendations

Every day this month on Twitter, in celebration of Short Story Month, we’ve recommended a great short story to read. (Almost) all the stories we’ve selected are available online. Enjoy! It’s Short Story Month! 🎉🎉 Every day this month, we’ll…

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What is a Short Story?

For Short Story Month, we asked: What, exactly, is a short story? How is different from the novel? How can a definition help you to construct a piece, help you to decide whether your fiction is short or long? We’ve…

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William Trevor

William Trevor’s final story collection, appropriately entitled Last Stories, is published today by Viking. A number of these stories appeared originally in The New Yorker, and it’s nice to see them collected here, along with other, new stories. It’s a…

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Best Intentions

What is an intention? We know it, mostly, as an aim or a plan. When you begin to write a short story or a novel, you have a general sense of something that’s guiding you forward. It might be a…

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