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Interview: Kelcey Ervick

Image is the book cover for THE ROSE METAL PRESS FIELD GUIDE TO GRAPHIC LITERATURE, edited by Kelcey Ervick and Tom Hart; title card for the new (graphic) interview with Rebecca Loggia.

  The first time I heard the term “graphic literature” was at a workshop while attending a local writing conference. A professor from Fresno led us through an exercise he often assigned to get his students’ creativity flowing. Using a…

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Interview: Nancy Agabian

Image is the book cover for THE FEAR OF LARGE AND SMALL NATIONS by Nancy Agabian; title card for the new interview with Aida Zilelian.

  Set alternately in Yerevan, Armenia, and Queens, New York, Nancy Agabian’s novel The Fear of Large and Small Nations is a beautifully crafted interweaving of third-person storytelling with first-person metawriting and journaling. The main character is Na, a young…

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Interview: Chelsea Stickle

Image is the book covers for BREAKING POINTS and EVERYTHING'S CHANGING by Chelsea Stickle; title card for new interview with Myna Chang.

  Acclaimed shortform author Chelsea Stickle has recently published two chapbooks: Breaking Points, which explores crucial moments in women’s lives through a variety of flash forms; and Everything’s Changing, which conjures images of transformation, both magical and otherwise. Chelsea took…

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