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CRAFT Talks and Elements

Since we launched in October 2017, CRAFT has published quite a number of CRAFT Talks and CRAFT Elements on different topics. We’ve gathered them together here. Take some time this holiday weekend to read up on craft, as you prepare your stories for the fall submission period!

CRAFT Talks are explorations of a given topic. CRAFT Elements are more focused on a specific element of craft and include exercises for the writer.


Mystery vs. Confusion, by Sarah Stone

The Hook: More Than The Opening Line, by Tommy Dean

Object Lessons: An Exploration, by Laura van den Berg

A Closer Look: ORCHID & THE WASP, Caoilinn Hughes, by CRAFT

Toward Inspiration as Craft, by Mercedes Lucero

Realistic Absurdity in DeLillo’s WHITE NOISE, by Christina Ward-Niven

Interiority Complex, by Rebecca Makkai

A Closer Look: RESTLESS SOULS, Dan Sheehan, by CRAFT

What is a Short Story?, by CRAFT

Punctuation as Art, by Ariel Lewis

A Closer Look: “Meet Behind Mars,” Renee Simms, by CRAFT

I Love The Bad Ones Best, by Louise Marburg

Author’s Notes, by CRAFT (and CRAFT Authors)

Opening Lines, by CRAFT (and CRAFT Authors)

Story and Plot: Finding Meaning, by CRAFT

Favorite First Sentence: WAYS TO DISAPPEAR, by CRAFT

Collective Voice: WE THE ANIMALS, by CRAFT

Linked Story Collections: SWALLOWED BY THE COLD, by CRAFT

CRAFT Elements

Multiple Storylines, by CRAFT

Character’s Imagination, by CRAFT

Best Intentions, by CRAFT

What Makes a Collection?, by CRAFT